Monday, August 22, 2011

vacation recap

This past week we took a vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We were able to rent a vacation home from a friend of ours. It was a very nice house! Our goal for this vacation was to just relax since this will be our last one before the baby arrives. We did just that! We had no plans - just to do what we felt like doing.

We walked around some shops. I visited this really nice shop called "The Bath Factory" and found out the owner also has an etsy shop by the same name. She was really friendly and we talked about etsy & crochet. If you are interested in amazing bath products you must check out her shop!

Enjoying some giant marshmallows. Yum!
We found the biggest marshmallows ever at Walmart for $1 so we enjoyed them this week.

Picnic at the lake yesterday
We had a nice picnic at one of the lakes near the vacation house.

A lake near our rental house. Its so pretty

Mini golfed with Seth today. I lost by one point :(
We played some mini golf. I thought I had a chance at finally beating Seth at mini golf but I stumbled at the end and lost by 1 point! Next time!

Mmm olive garden. I got to enjoy my once a year tiramasu :)
I found an Olive Garden gift card that I didn't even know I had in my wallet so we used that for a nice dinner. So delicious! I got to enjoy my tiramisu that I get to enjoy about once a year... uuugghhh sooo good!

There has been lots of relaxing time to crochet on this vacation. So nice!
And because we wanted to relax this vacation there was plenty of time for some crocheting. I got a good start on a blanket. It was so nice being able to crochet without worrying about having to do other things instead.

We accomplished our goal of enjoying a relaxing vacation. The only thing not relaxing about it was the last night we were there, a big lightning storm passed through. The thunder was so loud it knocked a towel rack off the wall & a few minutes later we heard a really loud pop and half the electricity was out. I'm pretty sure the house got struck. I'm so glad we had just unplugged the computer before that. It would have fried it for sure!

Now we are back home and the youth are back in school which means lots of activities & events going on! It's going to get busy I'm afraid! But school means autumn is coming and that is my absolutly favorite season!!

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