Friday, March 1, 2013

handspun doily dream catcher

Sometimes handspun yarn just isn't meant to be knitted or crocheted up. I had a basket full of leftover bits of my handspun yarn that wasn't enough to knit or crochet but was too pretty to throw away. I have seen a few doily dream catchers around and thought it would be perfect to use the leftovers on! I spun 21 yards of very thin gray singles and crocheted a small doily and attached it to an embroidery hoop. I wrapped the black yarn around - that helps the gray yarn stay in place and gives it a good finish look. I then tied long strips of bulky yarn to the bottom and attached 2 little gold-dipped feathers to the yarn. It turned out so much prettier than I imagined in my head!





  1. This is so nice! I want to make one, is it difficult to do? I am glad I found your blog on the Universal Craft Blog Directory :)


    1. It actually wasn't hard at all! I just crocheted a little doily, sewed it onto an embroidery hoop, wrapped yarn around the hoop then strung random bits of yarn on the bottom. I did it all during my son's nap :)