Tuesday, April 23, 2013

learning to knit on circulars & dpns

I have tried and tried to learn to knit on circular needles but I just wasn't getting until a few weeks ago it just clicked. That seems to be how I learn things. I just keep trying until it works.

I had this banana fiber yarn for about a year now with no idea what to do with it. I finally decided to just make a simple cowl using it. I used size 15 circular needles. I love the drape it has using that size. It was fun yarn to work with but I always had blue fingertips every time I knitted with it! banana cowl
I bought a pair of size 10.5 double pointed needles (dpns) from GlenEchoDesigns on etsy. I really wanted to learn to knit using dpns. I started by practicing with baby hats. I have been on fire with making these adorable little hats! My favorite was the hat I made using baby alpaca yarn. Wow! That yarn is so soft! baby hats
I also crocheted a chiefs hat for my son. My husband loved it so much I made a royals one (not pictured) for my son as well! My husband is a huge KC sports fan so now we can represent both sports!

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