Wednesday, August 3, 2011

building the crib

Last week while my mom was in town she bought us a crib set that included the crib, dresser & changing table. We finally cleaned out the room last night & Seth put together the furniture. It is so exciting seeing it all put together! I haven't gotten any pictures of everything put together yet but I have a couple in progress photos!

Hubby putting the crib together!

Batman checking out the new furniture

Batman was always in the middle of everything supervising Seth as he worked :)

Thank you Mom & Dad!!

Hopefully I get around to getting photos of everything put together & maybe I will get some belly photos. I am 26 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe how fast everything is going now! Every morning I look in the mirror and I am shocked how fast my belly has grown!

Today was our August check-up & I had my glucose test today. I had heard some friends had to fast before this test so I called the doctor's office to make sure I needed to because I couldn't remember my dr telling me to do so. The lady told me to not eat or drink anything after midnight - which is horrible for me now... my appetite is insane now! So I went all night and morning without eating anything. I was a huge grouch all morning. We went to our appointment & when the doctor found out I had fasted he seemed pretty upset at the new receptionist who has only been there for 3 days so far. I felt really horrible. I hope she didn't get into trouble.

So I fasted for no reason... I better have passed the test. That sugary drink was yucky on an empty stomach!

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  1. I love those sets! were you get 3 for like one price! I dont think i told you congrats!