Monday, July 25, 2011

it rained!

We didn't get that rain last night but this afternoon was a real treat! We got to enjoy a little thunderstorm this afternoon. The smell of rain was so refreshing! The cooler temperature was pretty enjoyable as well! I even heard someone singing out loud about the rain. I think everyone around here was looking forward to it!
Rain has never been so wonderful!

Batman was even enjoying the rain. We sat by the window and listened to the rain on the window and the thunder. So relaxing!

Enjoying the thunderstorm

Thank you Lord for the beautiful rainstorm!


  1. Ohh how I miss the rain! It has been a million degrees where I live for the past month. Love the photo of your cat looking out... what a cool shot

  2. I love rain, and I love the smell of wet sidewalks. :)