Thursday, August 16, 2012

mo state fair 2012

We visited the Missouri State Fair today. We have both lived in Missouri most of our lives yet we had never been to the state fair so we decided we needed to today!

So. Much. Fun.
_MG_8093 state fair collage2 _MG_8037 stunt2 stunt1


  1. I LOVE state fairs. Went to my first one when I lived in NC. Never been to once since. They are the best of times. Great pics!!

    1. They are fun! I had been to the Illinois one once but never Missouri. We now live down the road from the Missouri one so it is easy to decide on a whim now! :)

  2. Fairs are the best! This one looked super fun!

  3. we're (hopefully!) going to a fair today! i can't wait!
    ps: we have a painting giveaway on our blog this week - join if you are inetersted ;-)