Tuesday, October 7, 2014

yarns from the past year

You may have noticed that I haven't written anything on here for a little while... but that doesn't mean I haven't been crafting! Here are some of my favorite yarns that I have spun within the past year.

September Sunset

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

handspun cowls

I love knitting cowls because they can be so simple but can be so beautiful depending on the yarn you choose!

I knitted a basic stockinette stitch cowl out of my grapevine yarn _MG_0845 _MG_0848

This ribbed cowl is knitted out of the purple beaded yarn _MG_0846 _MG_0847

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

little sock monkey cozy

sock monkey cozy
This was a super cute pattern! It turned out a little small for a cup but it fits one of my candle votives perfectly. The pattern is free but you must sign up on the website to be able to view the pattern.

Click here for the sock monkey cup cozy pattern

what i am working on

bead yarn cowl
I was so pleased with how the beaded yarn turned out I wanted to make sure I had the perfect project for it. After letting it sit for a couple weeks I finally decided on a basic ribbed stitch cowl. The simple stitch shows off the beads.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Thin Dimes

Sometimes living right across the street from a park can be annoying but this past Saturday was a real treat! There was a little festival going on and a sweet little bluegrass/folk band was playing. They sounded really awesome so I took my son over and we listened & danced to them. I am kind of in love with their music! They did 2 performances. My son's nap happened to be during their second performance but because we live right across the street we were able to watch from our front porch! How neat! The Thin Dimes are from St. Louis, MO. You can listen to some more of their songs here

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

reddish-purple beaded yarn

I wanted to try a beaded yarn so I bought this gorgeous braid of merino & tencel from Huckleberry Knits and some beads from CharmingWren that matched perfectly! I spun one single just like normal and then spun the beads into another single then 2plied it. I love how it turned out! purple bead yarn1 purple bead yarn2 purple bead yarn3