Saturday, August 13, 2011


I haven't had many crazy cravings because of pregnancy but one thing I seem to really really want lately is york peppermint patties. I can't get enough of them! My friend, Amy, found a box of 175 york peppermint patties on Amazon for $19.42.... so tempting!! But I may get a bag of them from Wal-Mart next time I'm there... :)
Satisfied my craving :)

Also what is a post without my cats doing something funny or cute right? The cats had to stay the night at the vet the other night so when we went to pick them up yesterday I walked over to the window and found them cuddling in the litter box. What proud cat owners we are! Seth said one day we will probably find our child sitting in the toilet. I love my family. :)
Went to pick them up @ the vet & found them cuddling in the litterbox. Proud cat parents we are! :)

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