Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 weeks & labor day weekend

We are in week 30! I'm definitely feeling pregnant these days. My body aches in the mornings, I'm out of breath most of the time & his movements are crazy!

I've also been dealing with tiredness still. Today I feel great but yesterday I felt like I never fully woke up. I cleaned the kitchen & living room and fell asleep on the couch. My house is tiny so I could finish cleaning in an hour and half but I was beat after finishing only half of it!

My allergies have kicked up which makes the normal aches and pains feel even more intense... and I got sick Sunday night. I woke up on Monday so sore and achey from getting sick, my allergies & the normal aches and pains from pregnancy. But the weather was fantastic so I was determined to enjoy the day. I took some allergy medicine and forced myself to take a shower and I dressed up for the fun of it. I feel like if I look good it will help me feel better.

30 weeks

30 weeks belly

Our labor day weekend was pretty relaxed. We spent Saturday making tons and tons of little sugar cookie men for the Jr. Church craft on Sunday. I think they turned out adorable! We had some leftovers and they were so good. They were small enough it was like eating animal crackers so I had to stop myself from just munching on them all day!

Sugar cookies

Making tons of cookies for jr church tomorrow :)

Like I said, the weather has been wonderful! I love the crisp mornings! The cats & I are enjoying the windows open during the day but what makes it really feel like fall is the fact that I FINALLY found some candy corn at Walmart. I kept reading on twitter about people eating them so I would check every week to see if they carried them yet. This week they finally arrived! hooray!!

Finally found some candy corn! Fall can begin now :)

I'm so excited for fall!!

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  1. Awe, I feel your pain girl! ha. My energy has plummeted. For a whole month, my house stayed clean, and I was doing stuff left and right. Now, I am just exhausted and yes, allergies are a huge factor. UGH UGH. Those cookies would have been the death of me. I still need to get some candy corn and peanuts. :) So excited for fall.