Friday, September 23, 2011

nursery decorating

This past week has been tough on me. My back is always hurting and my tummy feels like it can't stretch more. On top of that my allergies have been worse than ever! I had been dreading the fast approaching due date because of fear of giving birth but I think after this week I'm feeling a peace about it. I really felt a peace about it after our friends, Tonya & Dana, had their baby yesterday. We went right to the hospital as soon as they texted us that she had the baby. She looked so good and happy and that really eased some fears. Their precious little girl was so adorable! I totally started bawling when I held her. It just made everything feel so real!

When we got home Seth went into nesting mode like crazy. He immediately started working on the nursery. We finally got the glider! That was the one thing I knew I absolutely wanted. He organized Baby T's clothes & toys and arranged the furniture in a better way while I took a nap. Then he wanted to add a little more decor on the walls. We have a cute hot air balloon painting above the crib we got a few years ago. Seth felt like the walls needed a little more. I told him I had seen some vintage hot air balloon hooks but Seth wanted to make our own. So he cut out some balloon shapes and bought some paint and we each painted a balloon. I painted the red one and Seth did the green one.
Working on decor for nursery

Seth painting his hot air balloon for the nursery

Finished hot air balloon hooks for the nursery

My favorite detail though is the love notes on the back from each of us. It just makes my heart happy!
This makes my heart happy!

I can't wait to meet the little guy!!

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  1. That is so sweet! What a great idea!